Scott Rocher

VP of Product at Kinecho

On Building Custom

On an almost weekly basis, I’m forced to consider whether to build custom software solutions or use open source / off-the-shelf products and frameworks.

And when it comes to eCommerce, there’s no shortage of powerful solutions, all capable of allowing customers to browse, buy, and receive products. Whether self-hosted or cloud-based, they all collect payments, manage and track orders, and facilitate shipping of products to those who buy them.

My philosophy on building custom versus using off the shelf software is guided by a simple question:

Do you have a clear understanding of the user experience and goals you’re trying to achieve?

Relying on a 3rd party software platform is a great way to get up and running quickly which is helpful when you’re experimenting with a new idea. Starting a business is not easy and this is where existing platforms have an upper-hand. Want to know if...

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